Consultancy Project history

2013 to present

•    Design of evaluation and reporting framework for water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) program for WaterAid PNG (current)
•    Supporting and  mentoring staff for the WASH evaluation in PNG in East Sepik and Port Moresby for Water Aid PNG (current)
•    Team member for the design of Sport for Development and WASH Inititaive PNG for WaterAid Australia (completed May 2015)
•    Strategic planning and organisational development work with Anglicare PNG (current)
•    Team member of the team evaluating the PNG School Learning Improvement Plan (SLIP) with Anglo Pacific (completed 2013)




•    2-month project with Australian Government Office of Indigenous Policy Coordination to research and document synergies and lessons from reviews and evaluations of Indigenous projects in Australia and International development relevant to Rural Service Delivery initiative – supported by AusAID PNG post as principals were employed at the time in the Law and Justice Sector Program in PNG (part time)

2007 to 2014
•    Both Principals relocated to Papua New Guinea to work in Law and Justice Program and waterAas international development  professionals


Completed Projects

2006/2007 projects:
•    Evaluation and project support for three years to the Building Healthy Communities (BHC) Initiative for Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing - BHC is a health promotion initiative located in 31 remote communities - (2005 to 2007) – included planning and facilitation of quarterly forums of particpants over course of the three-year project

•    Review of the ACT Mental Health (Treatment and Care) Act for ACT Government – facilitation of all consultations with providers, consumer groups and policy leaders

•    Facilitation of sector wide consultations on the Victorian Industry Development Plan for Disability Services for the Victorian Government (August-September 2006)

•    Evaluation of the Shepparton COAG Trial for OIPC (January to August 2006) – facilitation of all working group consultations

•    Evaluation of National Youth Week for Department of Community Development, WA on behalf of MCEETYA, (January 2006 to August 2006) – facilitation of consulttaion workshops

•    Consultancy advice, research and evaluation services to ACT Government, over 3 years, on the development of ‘Turnaround, an integrated service for young people at high risk in the justice and child protection system  (Project Director of consortia) (2003 to October 2006) – extensive workshop and training events planned and facilitated by principals over 3 years

•    Project Director for a project to develop and implement a model for the economic costing for pathways in the transition of young people from the care system, in conjunction with Applied Economics Pty Ltd, for FaCS (2004-2006) – included planning and facilitating consultation workshops with providers, foster carers, policy and planning managers and young people in 5 states and ACT

•    Organisational and governance support and program development of National Resource Service for Secretariat National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care Services (SNAICC) – (2001 to 2007) multiple consultations with Board and staff  

•    Mentoring support to Coordinator Doris Women’s Service Canberra (2003 to 2007)

•    Governance, leadership development and organisational change services to Toora Women’s Service – 2000 to 2007

•    Review of Fiji Mental Health Act for Fiji Law Reform Commission (2006-2007)

•    Evaluation of the Red Tape Burden on Indigenous Communities, for OIPC ()
•    Evaluation of the ACT COAG Trial for OIPC and ACT Chief Minister’s Department (2005-2006)
•    Development of an Integrated Framework for Services to Families in the ACT for ACT OCYFS (completed February 2005-2006)
•    Review of Consumer Participation in the Communications Industry for ACIF
•    Member of the evaluation team for 5 integration pilot projects (mental health and juvenile justice) as part of the Victorian Homelessness Strategy for DHS (member of a consortia led by Evolving Ways)
•    Lead Consultant in the evaluation of the Family Violence Regional Indigenous Initiatives for FaCS
•    Review of OzHelp a Canberra based national youth suicide prevention service
•    Planning and facilitating a two-day Forum for FaCS FRSP stakeholders
•    Organisational restructure and governance development and training for Canberra Rape Crisis Centre
•    Amalgamation of People First and Advocacy Action Inc (disability agencies in the ACT)

•    Development of a peer based national training program for FaCS for 260 staff working in Reconnect and HOME Advice services
•    Organisational governance and development project with Canberra Rape Crisis Centre
•    Review and redevelopment of the Redfern/Waterloo Human Services system including development of an integrated framework for human services in Redfern and Waterloo, NSW, for the NSW Premier’s Department
•    Planning, facilitating and documenting 9 regional forums and a national summit for the Family Relationship Services Program (FRSP) for FaCS
•    Member of consulting team developing standards for Victorian Homelessness services – consumer consultations and development of a client kit with RPR Consulting (2003-04)
•    Project mentoring 10 national pilot projects, including Indigenous pilots, funded by FaCS, and a collaborative project with Centrelink, developing innovative approaches to working with families at risk of homelessness (2002-2004)
•    Training the ACT Ministerial Youth Council in facilitation and consultation approaches (2003-04)
•    Review of management structure of Toora Women’s Service (2003-04)
•    Review of performance and structure of the Child at Risk Assessment Unit for ACT Health (2003-04)
•    Facilitation at the International Assembly on Managing the Psychology of Fear and Terrorism in Austin, Texas, in August 2004 for Issues Deliberation Australia and Issues Deliberation America  (University of Texas)
•    Design, facilitation and documentation of three 2-day training program for 10 pilot and 13 innovative projects dealing with chronic illness and disease for the Australian Department of Health and Ageing (2002 through to 2004)
•    Consultation for the development of the Property Crime Reduction Strategy for the ACT for JACS,
•    Design and implementation of the broad public consultations for the Children’s Plan in the ACT for DEFYS (2003-2004)

•    Review of Commonwealth funded activities of Australian Federation of AIDs Organisations (AFAO) for Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing
•    Lapsing evaluation of Rural Chronic Disease Initiative (RCDI) for Department for Health and Ageing
•    Review of Family Support Services for ACT DEYFS
•    Review of Voluntary Referral Agencies for NSW Premier’s Department
•    Debriefing and review processes with Emergency Services ACT and the Department of Education, Youth and Family Services following the January bushfires
•    Facilitation of the SA Economic Summit for Issues Deliberation Australia and for the SA Arts Summit for Arts SA
•    Outcomes study of collaborative diversionary projects in the Australian Capital Territory Alcohol and Drug Program (2002-2003)
•    Facilitation for ACT Bill of Rights Deliberative Poll for Issues Deliberation Australia
•    Review of School Counselling Services for ACT DECS with The Nucleus Group (2002-03)
•    Development of training for facilitators and joint development of program for Consumer and Carer Surveyors of mental health services for Mental Health Council of Australia (MHCA)
•    Development of the Volunteering Strategy for the ACT for Volunteering ACT and in conjunction with the Chief Minister’s Department (2002) and facilitation of the Implementation Summit in April 2003 (and April 2004)
•    Facilitating 4 Roundtable workshops for Issues Deliberation Australia with SA Economic Development Board on the impending Economic Summit for South Australia
•    Facilitation of 20 workshops with the staff of the new ACT Department of Disability, Housing and Community Services including exploration of strategic directions and key issues for implementing the new Department
•    Planning and facilitating a series of strategic priority setting workshops for SA Attorney General’s Crime Prevention Branch on Domestic Violence State Plan

•    Homelessness Needs Analysis jointly with ACTCOSS (2001-2002)
•    Development of Partnerships Against Domestic Violence Funding Program for Services for Women who have experienced domestic violence, for Office of the Status of Women (OSW) (2001-2002)
•    Review of the Indigenous Family Day Care program for Family and Community Services in the ACT 
•    Review of the Supported Accommodation Assistance Program funded services of Toora Women’s Inc
•    Evaluation of Women’s Information and Referral and Education on Drugs of Dependence in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT)
•    Review of Youth Services Grants Program (YSP) for ACT Department of Education and Community Services 
•    Evaluation of the Violence Intervention Project (VIP) for SA Government; a program providing integrated interventions for families experiencing domestic violence including men, women and children and follow up work to implement the findings (2001 - 2002)
•    Development of a Handbook (for staff) on Approaches to Integrated Governance, for the Queensland Department of Families
•    Review of a mental health and dual diagnosis supported accommodation program for a business incubator organisation known as CREEDA
•    Design, development and implementation of a three day national training forum in Action Research for 200 Reconnect workers for FaCS
•    Review of YSAAP services for ACT Department of Education, Youth and Family Services (2001-2002)
•    Development of PADV Funding Program Framework for Research on Models of Working with Perpetrators, for Office of the Status of Women (OSW)
•    Development of PADV Funding Program Framework for Services for Women who have experienced domestic violence, for Office of the Status of Women (OSW)
•    National Consultation on the Commonwealth Advisory Committee on Homelessness  Discussion Paper “Towards a National Homelessness Strategy” for Family and Community Services (FaCS)  jointly with AFHO (2001-2002)

•    Member of Evaluation Team developing the Evaluation Framework for Strengthening Families and Communities for FaCS with Success Works Pty Ltd
•    Review of Child Sexual Assault Services in the ACT for Department of Education and Community Services (completed late 2001)
•    Development of Indigenous Funding Program Framework for Services for Women for Office of the Status of Women (OSW) (2001)
•    Nine (9) Regional forums with indigenous communities on Reconciliation for Issues Deliberation Australia (IDA) in preparation for the National Forum in Canberra in February 2001 (2000 – 2001)
•    Facilitation at the National Deliberative Poll on Reconciliation for Issues Deliberation Australia

•    Business analysis and provision of advice to the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet on strategic directions for funding in relation to Foodbanks in Victoria (2000)
•    Evaluation of the Voluntary Work Initiative Program for Volunteering Australia (2000)
•    Evaluation of the Victorian Relief Committee for Department of Premier and Cabinet, Victoria, 1999
•    Review of Disability Peak Bodies for FaCS, 1999-2000
•    Development of and consultation for Arts Capital (arts strategy for the ACT) for artsACT (1999)
•    A review of the National Women’s (NGO) Funding Program for the Office of the Status of Women, development of a new contract framework and funding model for national women’s NGOs (1999)
•    Business and Community partnership project including a series of national workshops and development of a manual, for ACOSS (1999 – 2000)
•    Research project to establish service models for people with dual diagnosis (mental illness and drug/alcohol use) for ACT Dep’t of Health and Community Care (1998/99)
•    Development of the framework for performance based contracts for 18 national peak bodies funded under the Community Sector Support Scheme, (CSSS), for DH & FS (1997-98) and follow-up work with two Departments to review and implement new contracts
•    Evaluation of the National Women’s Health Program for the ACT Government (1996)
•    Amalgamation of two youth networks in the ACT to establish the Youth Coalition of the ACT  - from inception to the inaugural AGM in 1996.



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