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Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge is a valuable resource and an important asset we can share with others. In turn we learn from others as they knowledge share. We work from a position of continuous learning and draw on the full range of explicit, tacit and embedded knowledge that we all acquire over the course of our lives. We have a deep respect for lived experiences, narratives, cultural perspectives and backgrounds, and acquired wisdom, just as we respect formal learning and/or research, theories, and science. We support the active use of new technologies, social media, and the many tools that can be accessed to foster learning and knowledge sharing. It is intrinsic to the way we work. We are also both certified trainers with Certificate 1V Training and Assessment bringing added advantages to our training and facilitation approaches.

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Elizabeth Morgan Director


Helen Disney Director

  • nancy willard
    Sometimes questions are more important than answers
    Nancy Willard, novelist and poet
  • eldridge cleaver
    If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.
    Eldridge Cleaver


PO Box 1105 Aldinga Beach SA 5173

Elizabeth +61 419 498 171

Helen +61 412 486 556

Elizabeth in PNG +675 7075 9987

Helen in PNG +675 7265 2281

Email: info@morgandisney.com.au