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Governance Partnership and Civic Engagement

Our commitment and methodologies seek to facilitate and support strong governance in all sectors of society – particularly civil society – to lead and realise their development aspirations working in a shared space. Research, evaluations, and lived and practice experience, all show that  development initiatives must be locally owned and locally-led to be effective and sustainable. Democracy is not just about voting for governments but also about strong institutions and communities if all voices are to be heard in genuine negotiation for achievement of social and economic outcomes. This applies when working internationally nationally or locally.  In particular we have working experience in Indigenous communities and are committed to the recognition of Indigenous Australians and to supporting them to shape their own future and solutions.  We work with our clients to identify or develop methodologies to mobilise thinking, capacity, skills, assets and energies to achieve results. We work as consultants, advisers, facilitators, trainers (certified) and/or mentors and coaches.

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Elizabeth Morgan Director


Helen Disney Director

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    Sometimes questions are more important than answers
    Nancy Willard, novelist and poet
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    If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.
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PO Box 1105 Aldinga Beach SA 5173

Elizabeth +61 419 498 171

Helen +61 412 486 556

Elizabeth in PNG +675 7075 9987

Helen in PNG +675 7265 2281

Email: info@morgandisney.com.au