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Strength and asset based international, national and local development

Our work includes governance, partnership brokerage and support for development of civil society. We have experience in a very wide range of fields from the foundations of water, sanitation and hygiene through areas such as access to justice and services and freedom from violence, to government policy and administration.

A growing body of evidence world-wide and across cultures confirms that people need and want to lead their own development irrespective of whether this is in local, national, regional or international realms. Short-term wins do not necessarily turn into long-term gains. Our experience and our approach build on this reality with a commitment to inclusive and participatory methodologies for leadership, planning and evaluation and to knowledge sharing.

Inclusive and participatory methodologies

When working with people and organisations to address issues and challenges we draw on a range of inclusive and participatory methodologies to build solutions that are more enduring. There is a strong and continually growing body of evidence that solutions and approaches which are designed drawing on the wide ranging perspectives of those affected are subsequently more soundly based in reality, and therefore, more successful and achievable. In our years of work across cultures and across many fields of public policy we have been committed to identitying and developing methodologies grounded in participation and in inclusion of diversity. When negotiating our work plans we include as appropriate to the situation, methodologies from small scale representative through to large scale participatory models.

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PO Box 1105 Aldinga Beach SA 5173

Elizabeth +61 419 498 171

Helen +61 412 486 556

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Email: info@morgandisney.com.au