Strength and asset based international, national and local development

Morgan Disney & Associates is an Australian based consulting company with decades of experience in national and international development contexts.

Our work includes governance and social accountability, monitoring and evaluation, partnership brokerage and support, program implementation, and the development of civil society and non-government organisations.

We bring considerable experience in social accountability practice and methods across the Pacific and in Australia, gained over 40 years including with Indigenous communities, women's groups, young people, and migrant communities across Australia.

The two Principals, Elizabeth Morgan and Helen Disney, have experience in development contexts primarily in Australia, PNG and the Pacific, and Afghanistan. They have a deep understanding of complex environments and the challenges of balancing the uncertainty of development settings with the requirement to engage effectively with communities on accountability and to demonstrate performance. Both Principals lived and worked in PNG between 2007 and 2023. They have extensive experience working on efforts to address wicked problems and have undertaken many projects involving collaboration, integration, partnerships, whole of government initiatives, and working locally.

We have worked in complex partnership projects between donors, national and sub-national governments, civil society, and the private sector. We know the challenges facing donors and partners on accountability, enforcement, and community engagement. We are very experienced in the processes required for effective community and wider stakeholder engagement including leadership, consultative, and decision-making structures.

We bring to our work skills and experience in a very wide range of fields including social development, governance and social accountability; conflict resolution and customary justice; water, sanitation and hygiene; law and justice; community safety, community justice, and community based health services; disability services; drug and alcohol services, mental health, family and domestic violence; child protection; transition from care; volunteering; youth justice; and youth services. We have extensive experience in program and service reviews and evaluations, project design, planning, capacity building, and organisational development.

A considerable body of evidence world-wide and across cultures confirms that people need and want to lead their own development irrespective of whether this is in local, national, regional, or international realms. Short-term wins do not necessarily turn into long-term outcomes. Our experience and our approach build on this reality with a commitment to inclusive and participatory methodologies for leadership, planning, evaluation, and knowledge sharing.


Social Policy and Governance Consultants


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